Why Use a Preferred Lender

Congratulations on purchasing a newly constructed home! Now you need a mortgage loan. If you haven’t already chosen and pre-qualified with a lender then the quest begins to find the best loan, the best rate and a lender you can trust.

Qualifying and gathering information to apply for a new home loan can be a scary and complicated process. You gather all of your information, you send to the lender, you may talk for hours or play phone tag and you think that everything is in place and you are ready to close. Then you get a call from the lender that you are not approved after all. They will need more money down, more documentation, more, more, more. It can be a rollercoaster of emotions and extremely annoying process if your lender is not familiar with all of the options available to you or doesn’t have a good working relationship with the staff or builder.

When you use a preferred lender at a new home community they are familiar with the builder, sales staff, policies and requirements. This allows for quick and accurate answers to your questions. A preferred lender will keep you up-to-date and provide a faster, less complicated loan process.

Using a preferred lender can save you money, too. Not only do they offer a full range of financing, competitive rates and expert mortgage counseling but may often extend special incentives to buyer who secure their loan with one of the preferred lenders. The community sales staff can put you in touch with the preferred lenders who will have the knowledge and expertise for your specific market area.

You can be sure that when you choose an approved lender, we’ll take care of all the financing details. Our Loan Officers frequently work from our models in various locations for easy access. The financing process runs more smoothly when you work with a lender who knows what both the buyer and the builder needs from the beginning to the end of the building process.

  •  Immediate Pre-Qualifications & Pre-approvals
  •  Competitive Interest Rates
  •  Special Financing May Be Available
  •  Many Different Programs to Choose From
  • Weekend & Evening Appointments May Be Available
  • Free Phone Consultations
  • Extended Rate Lock Programs May Be Available
  • Consistent & Frequent Status Updates
    Congratulations on choosing a newly constructed home! Preferred Lenders will make your home loan go smoother, faster and may offer some special incentives to boot!