Superbowl Events – Minutes from your new home at Monticello Park

Looking for last minute events for Superbowl weekend?  There are many events and watch parties going on near downtown Atlanta.  Check these out!

Superbowl Events

The Super Tailgate Party will feature food trucks, appearances by former NFL greats, pep rallies with team fan clubs and popular football game tournaments on the HyperX Esports Truck. Fans are invited to join the free gaming experience to compete against other football fans and local gamers on the HyperX Esports Truck, North America’s first mobile competitive gaming arena. Attendees will have the chance to test their gaming skills using the latest HyperX gaming gear as they battle fellow gamers for the chance to win HyperX headsets, keyboards, mice, and mousepads. On Sunday, the Big Game will be available for viewing on the HyperX Esports Truck’s 20-foot HDTV screen. Find out more

The Atlanta Winter Beer Fest is going on Saturday, February 2, 2019, 1pm-5pm at Atlantic Station.  There will be 150+ Beers, 25+ wines and ciders, Live Music, DJ
Explore our great Atlanta and Georgia Beers, as well as a brewery or 2 from the home town of the big game teams. A perfect Saturday afternoon for your Super Week! Find out more

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